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What is a Technical Elective?

A Technical Elective is a Math, Natural Science, or Engineering course found as acceptable in the Engineering Handbook. See the links below to review the acceptable courses:


Can I use AP credit to count toward my Chemistry 1012 requirement?

Yes, but the CBE department strongly encourages taking the Penn Placement Exam or taking CHEM 1012 in lieu of using CHEM AP credit for CHEM 1012. (***see next question***)

Why does the CBE department strongly encourage taking either the Penn Placement Exam or CHEM 1012 rather than using my CHEM AP Credit?

When awarded AP credit for Chemistry it is numbered CHEM 091- not CHEM 1012 (they are not the same). The CBE department is one of a few departments that allow CHEM 0091 in lieu of CHEM 1012. Please note:

  • Pre-med students will not get credit for using CHEM 0091 (they MUST either take CHEM 1012 or place out using the Penn Placement Exam)
  • If a student decides to change majors, this may leave them in a precarious situation for the future (since CBE is one of the only departments that accepts CHEM 0091 in lieu of CHEM 1012)
  • If a student decides to obtain a Laboratory Waiver(s) they will be denied without having taken CHEM 1012 or taking the Penn Placement Exam.
  • Taking the Chemistry Penn Placement Exam will also help a student gauge where they stand when it comes to covering college-level chemistry

What is a Social Science, Humanities or TBS course?

Where can I find the complete description of the academic rules and regulations for the School of Engineering and Applied Science?

These can all be found in the SEAS Undergraduate Student Handbook.

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