Departmental Staff

Our staff provides key support to faculty, staff, and visitors to the department. Please feel free to direct questions about our program or the department to any of our staff.

Administrative Staff

Jamie Lipford
Director of Academic Operations

Office: 311 Towne Building
Phone: 215-898-4309

Paulina Johnson
Undergraduate Coordinator

Office 311 Towne Building
Phone: 215-898-8352

Courtney Johnson
Graduate Coordinator - Masters of Biotechnology & CBE Staff

Office: 311 Towne Building
Phone: 215-898-0221

Aiasha Saalim Graham
Administrative Assistant

Office: 311 Towne Building
Phone: 215-898-8351

Laboratory Staff

Marylin Huff
Laboratory Director

Office: 116 Towne Building
Phone: 215-898-8640

PICS Staff

Katherine Thompson
Program Coordinator

Office: 3401 Walnut Street, 5th Floor Reception
Phone: 215-573-6037

Towne Business Office

All Towne Business Office staff may be reached at 215-898-7106 or