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CBE Graduate Group Faculty

Below is an alphabetical list of faculty who are members of the CBE Graduate Group, noted with their affiliated departments (where not CBE primary) and research areas. By clicking the name of the faculty member, you can view their profile information. For faculty listings sorted by research topic, or to learn more about each area of research, please visit the CBE Research Areas page.

CBE Graduate Group Research Matrix

Soft Matter + Complex Fluids Advanced Materials + Nanotechnology Cellular + Biomolecular Engineering Catalysis + Reaction Engineering Systems Engineering Energy + Environmental Engineering Molecular Simulation + Thermodynamics
Paulo Arratia Secondary (MEAM) X X
Tobias Baumgart Secondary (Chem) X X
Russell Composto Secondary (MSE) X X X X
John Crocker Primary X X X
Scott Diamond Primary X X X X X
Dennis Discher Primary X X X X X X X
Zahra Fakhraai Secondary (CHEM) X X
Raymond Gorte Primary X X
Daniel Hammer Primary (with BE) X X X X
David Issadore Secondary (BE)  X  X
Daeyeon Lee Primary X X X
Bomyi Lim Primary  X X
Chinedum Osuji Primary X X X
Amish Patel Primary X X
Ravi Radhakrishnan Primary (with BE) X X X
Robert Riggleman Primary X X X
Warren Seider Primary X X X
Wen Shieh Primary X
Talid Sinno Primary X X X X
Kathleen Stebe Primary X X
Aleksandra Vojvodic Primary X X X X
John Vohs Primary X X X
Karen Winey Secondary (MSE) X X X
Shu Yang Secondary (MSE) X X