CBE Seminars + Events

Spring 2024 Seminar Series

All CBE seminars will be held in the Wu and Chen Auditorium at 3:30 PM, unless otherwise noted.*

Wednesday, January 24

Yanpu He
Postdoctoral Associate
Biological Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Bioinspired Protein-Based Cancer Immunotherapy”


Wednesday, January 31

Benjamin Decardi-Nelson
Postdoctoral Fellow
Systems Engineering
Cornell University

“Optimal Control as a Catalyst for Smart and Sustainable Systems”


Wednesday, February 7

Sevahn Vorperian
PhD Candidate
Chemical Engineering
Stanford University

“Molecular Microscopy with Single Cell Transcriptomic Data Resolves RNA Liquid Biopsies”



Wednesday, February 14

Francesco Destro
Postdoctoral Associate
Chemical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Systems Engineering for Addressing Critical Challenges in Viral Vector Manufacturing”



Wednesday, February 21

Anqi Zhang
Postdoctoral Scholar
Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering
Stanford University

“Minimally Invasive Neuroelectronics”



Wednesday, February 28

Cameron Glasscock
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Washington

“Deep Learning-Enabled Design of Functional DNA-Binding Properties”


Wednesday, March 13

Shu Hu
Assistant Professor
Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering
Yale University

“Carbon Capture and Utilization in Flowing Oceanwater: A New Frontier in Photocatalysis”


Wednesday, April 3

Ayman Karim
Chemical Engineering
Virginia Tech

“Dynamics and Reactivity of Supported Catalysts in the Subnanometer Regime”


Wednesday, April 10

Ali Dhinojwala
Gerald W. Austen Endowed Chair
Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering
University of Akron

“Role of Water in Underwater Adhesion”


Wednesday, April 17

David Block
Ernest Gallo Endowed Chair
Viticulture and Enology, Chemical Engineering
University of California, Davis

“Creating Real Steak Without the Cow: Using Insights from Wine and Biopharmaceutical Production to Commercialize Cultivated Meat”


Wednesday, April 24

John A. Quinn Distinguished Lecture
Matthew Tirrell
D. Gale Johnson Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus
Molecular Engineering
University of Chicago

“Exploring the Physics, Materials Science, and Biological Implications of Polyelectrolyte Complexation”


Wednesday, May 8

Tim Cernak
Assistant Professor
Medicinal Chemistry
University of Michigan

“Chemical Synthesis Enabled by Information”