CBE Seminars + Events

Spring 2020 Seminar Series

All CBE seminars are in Wu and Chen Auditorium at 3:00 p.m, unless otherwise noted.*

Wednesday, January 22

Anna C. Balazs  – Distinguished Professor
Chemical Engineering
University of Pittsburgh

Collaboration and Competition Between Active Sheets for Self-Propelled Particles


Wednesday, January 29

Britton Chance Distinguished Lecture

Jennifer Elisseeff  – Professor and Director
Translational Tissue Engineering Center
Wilmer Eye Institute and Departments of Biomedical Engineering,
Orthopedic Surgery, Chemical and Biological Engineering,
and Materials Science and Engineering
Johns Hopkins University

Regenerative Immunology: The Role of Technology Translation in Guiding Discovery


Wednesday, February 5

Faculty Candidate Seminar
Joaquin Resasco
Postdoctoral Fellow
Chemical Engineering
University of California – Santa Barbara

“Understanding and Controlling the Complexity of Catalytic Active Sites”


*Monday, February 10

Faculty Candidate Seminar
Hanyu Gao
Postdoctoral Associate
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Facilitating Chemical Process Development Using Theoretical Modeling and Machine Learning”


Wednesday, February 12

Jennifer Wilcox – James H. Manning Chaired Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

“A Case for Carbon Dioxide Removal from Air”


Wednesday, February 19

Faculty Candidate Seminar
Andrew Allman – Postdoctoral Associate
Chemical Engineering
University of Minnesota

“Decomposition: Exploiting Structure in Chemical Systems to Solve Challenging Decision-Making Problems”


*Monday, February 24

Faculty Candidate Seminar
Marcella Lusardi – Postdoctoral Scholar
California Institute of Technology

Towards a “Greener” Route for Acetic Acid Production via the Carbonylation of Dimethyl Either Over Small-Pore Molecular Sieves


Wednesday, February 26

Faculty Candidate Seminar
Jeffrey Lopez – Postdoctoral Fellow
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Understanding and Design of Materials of High Energy Density Batteries”


Wednesday, April 1

Rafiqul Gani
Distinguished Visiting Professor
Zhejiang University

“Model-Based Chemical Product Design and Analysis”


Wednesday, April 8

John A. Quinn Distinguished Lecture

Nicholas L. Abbott
Tisch University Professor
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Cornell University

“Molecular and Colloidal Interactions in Water”


Wednesday, April 22

Kam W. Leong – Samuel Y. Sheng Professor
Biomedical Engineering
Columbia University

“Biomaterials-Mediated Inflammation Control”