MSE Degree: Transferring Credits

Students are permitted to transfer up to two (2) courses (out of the 10 required) from another graduate program taken at another university. Those courses may be accepted provided that the grade received in each course was at least a B and did not count toward an undergraduate degree. All transfer credits are subject to approval by the Graduate Group Chair and the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

How to petition for transfer credit:

Any student who wishes to transfer credit must complete and submit the:

“Transfer of Credit Petition” form

In order to obtain credit for courses taken at other institutions the following procedure must be followed:

  • For each transfer course, obtain the course description and the title of the textbook prescribed for the course.
  • Identify a professor who teaches a similar course at Penn. If a similar course is not offered at Penn, identify a professor whose areas of expertise are in the general area of the course to be transferred. The professor should certify that the course is of similar level to a graduate course offered at Penn or, if a similar course is not offered at Penn, that the course qualifies for Penn students to take if it were offered here.
  • Submit a petition on a standard form to the Graduate Group Chair. Attach a copy of the complete transcript to the transfer of credit petition.
  • *Please note that a student may not receive credit for a course taken at the undergraduate level if that course counted toward an undergraduate degree.