Master's Degree Requirements

Students Entering Prior to Fall 2013

The basic requirements for the degree are as follows:

  1. Completion of ten (10) course units (with approval, up to 2 courses can be transferred from a prior graduate program). A thesis may be offered as a substitute for up to two course units if approved by the Graduate Group Committee.
  2. Meeting the course distribution requirements of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.
  3. Maintaining a 2.7 cumulative average.
  4. If required, completion of a master’s thesis

Required Courses

Unless alternatives are approved by the Graduate Group Chair, all MSE candidates must complete the six core graduate courses:

1 ENM 510 Applied Engineering Mathematics I (offered Fall)
ENM 511
ENM 502
Applied Engineering Mathematics II (offered Spring)
Numerical Methods and Modeling (offered Spring)
3 CBE 618 Advanced Thermodynamics (offered Fall)
4 CBE 621 Kinetics and Reactor Design (offered Fall)
5 CBE 640 Transport Processes I (offered Fall)
6 CBE 641 Transport Processes II (offered Spring)

Other courses may be chosen from the chemical and biomolecular engineering curriculum, other engineering disciplines, or the physical and biological sciences. Students should consult with their advisors before taking non-engineering courses and then obtain approval of the Chair of the Graduate Group Committee.

Transferring Courses

Petition for transfer of up to two course units of graduate credit from other schools or from an undergraduate record (provided the credits were not used to satisfy undergraduate degree requirements) may be made to the Chair of the Graduate Group Committee after one term’s attendance.

GPA Requirement

Grades given in graduate engineering courses are A, B, C, D, F, and I. The I (Incomplete) is a temporary grade which is changed to a letter grade when the course requirements have been completed. A grade average of at least B must be kept to remain in good standing. Students with an undergraduate degree in a field other than chemical engineering receiving a grade of C or below in any required undergraduate course will be asked to withdraw. It should be emphasized that merely passing all graduate courses does not obligate the University to grant a degree. Successful candidates for the MSE degree must be recommended as such by the Graduate Group Committee.