Leonard Fabiano
Adjunct Professor


Email: lfabiano@seas.upenn.edu


Professor Leonard Fabiano has enjoyed a highly successful career as a chemical engineer in the industrial sector since 1960. His journey commenced as a process engineer, gradually progressing to various levels of management, culminating in the role of Manager of Process Engineering at ARCO Chemical Company. During his tenure, both he and his department played a pivotal role in pioneering innovative designs that were subsequently implemented in the commercial sphere. Proficiency and leadership in process simulation became defining attributes.

Professor Fabiano has been an integral part of our team, serving as an industry consultant for the senior design course from 1978 through 2016. Subsequently, he took on the role of adjunct professor overseeing the course, a position he continues to hold to this day. He actively participates in the course, providing invaluable assistance to students, all while maintaining his ongoing role as an industry consultant.


Educational Background
B.S.: Purdue University (1958)


AIChE Fellow
Holder of 3 Patents


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