Master's Program Admissions

Criteria for candidates and application requirements and procedures may be found on the Penn Engineering Graduate Admissions website. The deadline for Master’s Candidate Applicants in CBE is February 1.

Process for Admissions Decisions

When a completed MSE application is received, it is evaluated by our faculty. Admittance is based on an estimate of the applicant’s ability to successfully complete our graduate program and on the compatibility of student interests with our programs and research. When an admissions decision is reached, the applicant will be notified directly through the online application system. Please note that department staff may not reveal admission decisions over the telephone or by email.

Applications received after the deadlines may be considered at the discretion of our faculty. Learn more from the Graduate Admissions FAQ.

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Alicia Pickul
Graduate Coordinator
Office:  311 Towne Building
Phone: 215-898-8351

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